Spring 2021 One Room Challenge – Laundry Room – Week 1

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It’s One Room Challenge Season and I decided to join in on the spring edition and makeover our laundry room. I suppose it’s not really a makeover since the space was never done to begin with. When we purchased the house in 2018, it originally looked like this:

Laundry room renovation

Linoleum flooring (same one that was in the kitchen too) and a really long wire shelf. The kind that I absolutely hate because the support brackets stick so far out and get in the way of everything.

All in all, I was excited to have this space. A dedicated laundry room with a sink AND more storage. Win, win and a far cry from having a stacked washer and dryer IN the kitchen of our old apartment. Legit, next to our countertop, it was the worse set up ever.

The first update we did in this space was lay new flooring. I chose this tile, rather quickly, because after moving a washer and dryer from our last place, neither one of us wanted to move them out of this laundry room to change the flooring down the road. Admittedly, I would probably choose a different tile today since this pattern lends itself to a more farmhouse aesthetic. However, I’m going to make it work because replacing it is not an option. We also painted it a bright white, Sherwin Williams Snowbound in a Satin finish.

laundry room renovation

This is what the laundry room looks like today:

These shelves definitely have to go
See how dirty the tiles get?

And this is the laundry room mood board:

laundry room mood board

The full plans are as follows:

  • DIY countertop – I want the counter to go straight across with no step down where the sink is
  • Window Trim
  • Closet Shelving – I will most likely do them the same as my appliance closet
  • New utility sink
  • Window Treatment (blinds)
  • Pole to line dry clothes
  • Shelving
  • Wall treatment
  • Paint
  • Storage for laundry baskets
  • New lighting
  • Clean and seal tile

We never sealed the tile and it gets really dirty, really fast. The last step will be to give it a good scrub down, especially the grout, and get it sealed so it stands up to dirt better.

I’m excited to finally get this laundry room done so it can become more functional for us. I want it to be warm, cozy and clean so I’ll be bringing in lots of earth tones (my favorite, duh) and plants.

There are so many other talented creators who have joined in this round and you can find them all linked up over at the One Room Challenge blog. I’m excited to see what the featured designers and guests come up with.

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  1. Love your mood board! Excited to see this design come to life! 🙂

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