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Hahahahaha j/k casseroles are gross 

Casserole recipes

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It's cliche, but I save all the good stuff for subscribers. I know I personally don't subscribe to a bunch of personal blogs so I try to add tons of value whenever I kick one of these out. Which, fair warning, is not weekly (yet) because hello, life and work and kids and adulting.

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Some are short and to the point and the personal ones can well, get a little rambly honestly, but I always include some of the following: 

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Social media is a fickle creature. It can shutdown at a moment's notice because of some tech error and who knows what will happen to any of these platforms in the future. At the very least, I will always be able to connect via my email list. It's not subject to the whims of an algorithm or constant updates and tweaks that no one asked for. Hello, non skippable ads on IG *eye roll*

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