My Favorite RUGS USA Rugs – Top 6

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It’s time for a good old fashioned rug roundup!

It legit took me about 15 minutes to come up with that intro. Let’s just move past it and get on to the good stuff lol

Finding a good rug can be a daunting task due to the sheer amount of rugs available across multiple retailers. I’m here to make your job slightly easier and give you my top 6 picks from Rugs USA. Why specifically RUGS USA? Well, I have been shopping with them for several years now and have never had an issue with their rugs. The quality of the rug for the price is hard to beat. I’m personally not a fan of expensive rugs. There are plenty of things I splurge on in my home but rugs are not one of them. Mostly because, hellooooo kids. Also, I don’t really think of rugs as super long time pieces. They wear just like carpet does and will probably have to be replaced eventually.

Have you had a rug for a really long time? I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone having the same rug for say, 10 years or something. Anyway, I’ve put together this quick little post that shows rugs that I have in my home (one I have twice!) , and a rug that I’m eyeing for our outdoor space this summer.

  1. Rust Tribal Medallion Rug – this is the rug we have in our family room. It looks good in pretty much any room with any decor. The images make it seem much more brighter. Its actually pretty muted. Take a look:

2. Grey Moroccan Trellis – I had this rug in the basement previously but had to toss it when it flooded. It was too far gone to save. I got it again for Elisa’s room redo. She picked it! That was part of a sponsored deal but I haven’t been able to fully finish that room yet so, you’ll see it eventually lol It looks white in the pic but its more of an off-white.

3. Off White Tribal Moroccan – Maybe my favorite..this is the rug in Noah’s room. It is also the replacement rug for #2. Its a slight shag so I wouldn’t recommend it for high traffic areas like a living room. Trust me. I’ve done the high pile in a living room and it looks good for a few months until well, it doesn’t. It still looks great in the nursery because we are hardly in there except for when I’m putting Noah to bed or when Jeremiah sets up shop for virtual school.

4. Blue Moroccan Diamonds Indoor/Outdoor – I’m eyeing this rug for our outdoor space and, gasp! its blue hahaha. Color isn’t usually my thing but I may try something new once our pool gets put in this summer. I like outdoor rugs because it gives your space a living room vibe.

5. Rust Timeworn Tribal Washable – This is our living room rug. Note: I have a front “formal” living room that I refer to as just the living room and our family room is the main room with the fireplace where we all hang out. This was part of a sponsored deal to announce their new washable rug line. I love that it’s one piece so you don’t have to fuss around with any Velcro layers underneath. It fits right into your washing machine. See that in action here. I will say that I think my Shark is too strong for it. I have to turn the suction down to clean it. My Eufy (Dirty Diana) does just fine though.

6. Jute Braided Rug – Last up is this jute rug. Jute is a great natural texture that you can either use alone, or to layer another rug on top. Note – I think out of all rug types, jute can be hit or miss. Read the reviews, some people seem to have gotten a not so good rug and others rave about it. RUGS USA has a great return policy so that’s an option if you aren’t happy with your order.

This post is not sponsored however, the social media posts surrounding the Memorial Day 2021 sale are.

I do use affiliate links so if you buy anything, I’ll get some moolah.

Happy Rug shopping and stay grounded friends!

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