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I really should’ve named this “Yami rearranges the living room for the millionth time” to accurately reflect what’s been happening the last few weeks. I think I’ve finally landed on a configuration that makes sense for us and that meant getting rid of our leather couch. It’s currently sitting in the office until further notice.

When we first moved in we had our sectional in this room. Once we had the basement finished, we moved that downstairs and I purchased the Charley couch from Interior Define and two Napa Chairs from Poly & Bark. Which by the way, are both worth every single penny and wait.

This was just your standard grey sectional that we purchased for our last apartment. I wasn’t a fan of having a sectional upstairs so I was excited to replace it once it got moved down to the basement. Following that were the new couch and chair set up and it stayed that way, for the most part, until we had an issue with our Article Sven couch.

One day, one of the kids mentioned that the leg was crooked on the couch. Sure enough, it was leaning to one side and daring us to sit on it.

I was sure we would come crashing down so I called up Article to see what they could do. I was expecting maybe a new leg to replace the old one. Upon further investigation, meaning I flipped the whole couch over to check out what was happening, I saw that the frame itself had cracked. After a few back and forth email exchanges, they ended up replacing it. As in…they sent me a This is yet another reason why I love Article. Real quick, this is what the setup was before we got the new couch. The other chair was directly opposite this one.

So, there we were with two Sven couches and I was like oooooh let’s move this into the living room. So we had two leather chairs, a leather couch and the fabric couch. The set up was fine. Although a lot of folks questioned why I covered up the fireplace and I explained that we never used it and weren’t planning on using it either. The picture is off-centered because of the previous configuration.

However, it never felt quite right. As much as I tried to ignore it, it was just TOO much leather competing in one space. Plus, they weren’t exactly the same finish. The Poly & Bark chairs have a much more worn in look and they’re a tad darker than the caramel Sven.

So, I spent a weekend rearranging the living room furniture and trying to find a way to lessen the amount of leather pieces in the space. I split the chairs up. One went to the office and the other went to the front room. I still don’t know what to call that space. It stayed that way for a few days until I realized that I really missed sitting in those chairs. They are so deep and wide and you just sink right into them.

So, at about 10:30pm, I moved everything around for like, the fourth time. I’m sure I looked like a crazy woman online but my husband is used to my furniture moving shenanigans at this point and didn’t bat an eye. Until he saw the extra Sven in the office. I asked him if it would be in the way (he works from home) and he said it was fine for a few days until we sold it.

Then, I pulled the trigger on a rug from the new Amber Lewis and Loloi collection after staring at it online and playing around with the AR feature on Amazon. I accidentally ordered the 10×14, couldn’t cancel the order in time and crossed my fingers that it would work. It came in 3 days and it is exactly what I wanted in the family room. We needed a larger rug to really ground the space and it turned out to be an happy accident.

As far as the extra couch, I was going to have my husband help me lug it upstairs but he said he liked the extra seating. The boys can sit there and visit him while he works and now he has somewhere for his friends to sit, without kid interference, when they come and visit him. It is still too large for the space so eventually, I will see if it works upstairs. I plan on redoing the office in 2022 and give him two chairs opposite a desk so he still has extra seating.

Stay tuned for that update.

Here’s an overhead shot of the living room and yes, this is the configuration we had before we got the new couch. The large rug makes the space so much warmer and inviting which is a struggle to do with two story ceilings. Most design rules will tell you to highlight the ceilings but the fireplace already does that so I wanted to really bring the space in a bit and not make it feel so open and stark.

Also, here’s a picture of the rug up close, no editing.

I still have curtains to hang which my insta-buddy Jenni so graciously picked up for me from Ikea as well as some other pieces like a coffee table and a taller shelf /cabinet along the right wall.

I shared this whole crazy process to show people that it’s perfectly fine to let a space evolve until it feels right to you. Sometimes that means rearranging it fifty million times until you find the right set up. I think we’ve finally landed on the one. What do you think?

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  1. Kathryn M Gordon Sanchez says:

    Looks great! I am considering this rug as well. Do you think it has alot of mauve/pink/purple undertones? I like the teal, but am not wanting to have those above colors and I was wondering if it does in person. Or do you have something you could recommend with more blues/teals if it does?

    • Yami says:

      Thanks! The pattern isolates the reddish tones to the four corners. The main part of the rug are the blue/beige tones. I’ll add a close up pic to the post so you can see it.

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