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While I am not one that decorates for every season or holiday, I do go all out for Christmas. It’s always been my favorite holiday. For the meaning behind it and also because it seems that around this time of year things tend to just slow down a bit. Yes, I’m that person with several totes full of decor just waiting for Thanksgiving to pass so I can start getting it all set up. This year, I started a bit early on a very special part of the house. Thanks to the Home Depot and their Hang Up the Holidays campaign, I was able to get all of the hanging hardware I needed to deck the halls of Noah’s playhouse. See for yourself!

Hang Up the Holidays

I wanted to make it festive while also still allowing him room to play. That meant decorating where he couldn’t reach and that’s where the hanging hardware came into play. I used several products from Command Brand, Velcro® Brand and Hillman, all found at Home Depot, to get everything secured discretely.

The icicle lights and garland on the front and sides of the house were hung with Hillman 1 1/4 cup hooks that I screwed directly into the paneling and through the studs. I plan on leaving these up after the holidays are over so that I can hang other decor up for him.

DIY TIP: To screw your cup hooks in quicker, bore a pilot hole first that’s smaller in diameter than your cup hook.

Also, I just twisted mine in directly and they went up just fine!

The Hillman hanging hardware made it easy to hang the heavier garland with the icicle lights on the same hook. The best part? You can’t see the hooks at all when the garland is up. Here’s a peek at the cup hooks in action. I just moved the garland branches in front after I took this shot.

Home Depot hanging hardware

The indoor decor was hung with a mix of Command white wire hooks and Velcro® Brand HANGables hooks. The white wire hooks have been a go to of mine every year. In fact, I still have some hanging up in the kitchen window from last holiday season that I plan on repurposing this year. These hooks are great hanging hardware for lightweight items and can handle up to 1/2 lb of weight each.

This was my first time trying out the Velcro® HANGables® Removable Wall micro hooks and they were really easy to adhere to the wall. I used them to secure the garland and keep the lights in place against the side of the playhouse.

All in all, it took me about an hour to get all the hanging hardware up and then the decor. Also, all of the decor is from Home Depot! Even that cute mini tree and the light up gift bag. I think the large snow covered wreath is my favorite tough.

Another great unsung hero are these Velcro® Brand ONE-WRAP® ties that I used to secure the extension cord. The last thing I want is Noah messing around with excess cords so I used these pre-measured Velcro reusable ties. Each pre-cut tie is 8′ long and adheres to itself.

Velcro hanging hardware

Happy Holidays and thanks again to the Home Depot for helping us give this space a holiday glow up!

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  1. Katie says:

    This is beautiful!! Do you have any plans on how to build the playhouse?

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