Teen Girl Gift Guide – 2021

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I’m kicking off my 2021 gift guides with this teen girl gift guide of over 20 items that should make even the most discerning teen girl happy.

teen girl gift guide
  1. AirPods Pro and if you don’t want to get the pro, the regular ones are just as good (in my opinion).

2. Happy Planner – For keeping all of those assignments organized

3. Kate Spade Initial Necklace – A cute initial necklace that can be layered or worn alone.

4. Glossier lip balm and hand cream – This is a cute gift set that they can stash in their book bag for school.

5. AirPods Pro case – They have a version for the non pro AirPods too.

6. Ariana Grande perfume – This one isn’t overpowering and won’t have her smelling like an old church lady

7. Oversized hoody – Comes in different color ways and currently on sale

8. PINK fuzzy socks – These would make great stocking stuffers.

9. Strawberry lip balm – A girl cant have enough lip balm. Also great as a stocking stuffer

10. American Eagle Mom jeans – Because apparently the 90s are back…I’m in denial still over this

11. Pandora bracelet – The base bracelet is $75. We got our teen the safety chain and its great to add a charm on for special occasions.

12. StarFace Hydro Stars – Treat those pimples in style with these cute star patches.

13. Govee LED lights – I have these around the house. They’re a great price and can be hooked up to work with Alexa and Google Assistant

14. Coco Rose Hydration Trio – Let her feel fancy with this gift set. Comes with a face mist, body polish and lip conditioner

teen girl gift guide

15. The Hate you Give – Because books are great and books that encourage discussions on race…even better. (Small Biz Item)

16. Blue Light Glasses– Lord knows they spend enough time staring at a device screen. Help ease the strain on their peepers with this stylish pair of blue light glasses.

17. Graphic Tee – You can’t go wrong with a graphic tee.

18. MunchPak – If your teen is anything like mine, she loves a good snack. You can get a one time box of snacks from around the world.

19. Billie Razor – If she’s shaving she’ll appreciate this easy to use razor. This links to a gift set or you can just get the single razor.

20. Thinx Period Underwear – Eases the stress and anxiety around an accident happening at school.

21. Gel Pens – An assortment of gel pens for all their doodling needs

22. Apotheke Candle – Their room may as well smell clean because chances are, it’s a disaster. Or maybe that’s just my kid….

23. Kanken Water Resistant Backpack – I’ve been a Kanken fan for years. Love the design of these and so do teens.

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