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Hi, I'm Yami

Every time I ask for feedback my IG community comes through in a big way. I decided to start capturing some of them here on the blog to have an easier way for folks to parse through the replies without having to create a million highlights or forcing folks to take screenshots. Which, if you’re anything like me, that screenshot will be forgotten in the camera roll abyss.

So I talked a little bit about my spending priorities (after talking about my savings/debt payoff priorities) and the major things that I would like to focus on this year are my cookware/dishes and my wardrobe. I’ve already started in the kitchen with this gorgeous dinnerware set from Fable.

I haven’t had them long yet but they bring me absolute joy every time I use them. Not gonna lie, the first thing that went into the pasta bowl was beefaroni, super classy eh?

The wardrobe will take a bit more time because I’m really trying to figure out what my own style is. I feel like most people get a sense of what they like and how they want to dress as they go from college years and enter the workforce, adapting it along the way through various seasons of life. Well, being in the Army meant that I never had to shop for workwear. I couldn’t even tell you what a business casual is and I couldn’t imagine having to wear different work clothes every day. As I get closer and closer to retirement, and as I get older honestly, I’ve gotten a stronger desire to really nail down my ‘look’.

I decided to start with good jeans. My current go to jeans are American Eagle Super High Waist Jeggings (the amount of stretch on these bad boys are amazing) and Old Navy Rockstar. I will say that, for me, I don’t find the Old Navy jeans to hold up well over time. The denim is a bit thinner than the American Eagle jeans also. Here are your favorite jeans:


So you know, Madewell was by far the most recommended. After trying two pair I decided they were not built for me.

Good American

Universal Standard


Mother – These are pricey but I’m told they can be found at Nordstrom Rack

Levi’s – These are super hard pants IMO

Kut from the Kloth


J.Crew Vintage Stretch Denim

Old Navy (the Rockstars are my fave)





Joe Jeans


Judy Blues

All of the above brands were mentioned more than once. I went to Target, but the store was a mess and I can’t shop when things are all over the place. A lot of you agreed that you’re the same when it comes to needing an organized store. If I have to sift through a bunch of racks, I’m out. Hard stop. Immediately no. It honestly just ups my anxiety.

There was one mentioned that I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt won’t be trying and that’s LulaRoe. I’m all the way cool on that brand. Have you seen either, or both, of the documentaries? To each their own and no judgement from me but I don’t think I could ever support that brand.

Do you set spending priorities or maybe you’re thinking about it now? Let me know below!

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  1. Dee says:

    Hi Yami,

    I do set spending priorities. For me it’s “what do I need the most that is going to cost the most?”. Then I set a plan to save for it and go from there.

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