The Plan for Jeremiah’s Room

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I’m stuck in limbo waiting for his bed, mattress and desk (it’s on sale by the way!) to arrive but in the meantime, I’m ironing out some of the details. Most importantly, I’m working out the layout in my brain. The room isn’t huge. It’s about 11×12 but part of that is lost to the closet space. Right now, the bed is in the middle of the room centered along the back wall.

Guess whose cleaning this when he gets home from school? If it looks bare, it’s because this used to be Elisa’s room and I swapped them all before Christmas. So now she’s in the largest room which used to be the nursery, and Noah is in Jeremiah’s old room (the smallest). The round shelf is a leftover from Elisa and I’m not sure that it will stay here. Here is what the rest of the room looks like. I’m not sure yet if I will leave his bed in the middle of the room, or tuck it into the corner. He’s a huge fan of “cozy style” so I think he would really like it in the corner. That means his desk would be in the right corner of the room, on the wall where the window is. I’m going to sketch it out and see which layout works best for the room.

The fan is also going and will be replaced, at Jeremiah’s request, with a light fixture. He never used the fan in his old room and Elisa always has a fan on. You can see the wall on the side has some janky LED light set up and the rest of the shelving and pegboard will go. I got a really cool acrylic bookshelf for him instead and I’m thinking of hanging it horizontally along that wall. I plan on building him some wood shelves that will be a bit longer to hold his Funko pop collection and anything else he wants to display. Those pieces of wood you see on the floor are his letter sign shelf that will go back up as well.

I rearranged the shelving in the closet so it made more sense for him (and so he could reach it). Thanks to the Elfa system, this was super easy to do. I love how easy it is to adjust the pieces as your kid grows. Those blue velvet curtains will also be going. Oh, and he’s got a new rug coming as well. The beanbag was his Christmas gift and he plops himself down there every day now. He’s even slept on it some nights.

This little corner here is what you walk into when you first open the door so I want to do something neat here. I’m thinking of a magnetic board he can hang us Instax pictures up on and a small gallery wall to left. He initially wanted an all white room but I’ve gently swayed him to a darker, moodier color. I think it will work well since this room gets such great natural light and also, it will give it the cozy vibe he wants. I’m actually still undecided on the paint. I was thinking all black but I’m also leaning towards a deep blue. I’m also not sure if I will do just an accent wall or the whole room.

The Mood Board

Everything except the trunk, rug and curtains have been purchased. I still need to get his posters framed too. His new bed is a full size and along with it, I’m upgrading his sheets and his comforter. The splurge in here was definitely the bed. I wanted something that would last him and potentially be passed down to Noah as well. He was adamant about wanting an upholstered bed with wings on the side. The picture on the moodboard is not the actual bed if you’re confused. He said, “I want a bed like yours but with the sides on it.”

Jeremiah is such a good kid. He’s been doing amazing at school and all of his teachers have nothing but the nicest things to say about him. He’s such a sweetheart and completely deserves his own really cool space. I’m excited to get it all installed and hope to land on a final decision regarding the paint.

What would you do? Paint the whole thing dark and moody, just an accent wall or leave it white? Maybe I’ll surprise you with a totally different option.

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