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This post has been a long time coming. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “What DIY tools should I start with?” and if you’re wondering then this post is for you.

First, I want you to know that you don’t have to run out and buy a ton of tools at once. There are some tools that can get you through multiple projects and once you get comfortable, you can then add more to your inventory. I know a lot of people have lists of DIY tools but for me, a better approach would be to think of what projects you want to start with.

Dining Room

I started with an accent wall (above) and some garage shelving. So that meant I needed something to cut my 1x2s and something to get them onto the walls. So, I purchased my first two tools, a miter saw and a nail gun. Every tool I have added after that has been project dependent. I highly recommend going this route if you’re at all apprehensive. If you know you want to jump into DIY feet first, then just grab everything on the list!

So here goes, in no specific order, my Top 5 DIY Tools:

1. Circular saw

I actually started out with a miter saw because I was leery of wielding a circular saw. I ended up getting a circular saw because I need to rip longer pieces of wood. So just start with a circular saw. I also use these foam boards to cut on top of which give me a portable working space. I just lay them down, place my material on top and cut right through the foam. They’re great for cutting larger pieces of material.

2. Orbital sander

Sanding is necessary. Sanding by hand sucks. Buy a sander. This will get the job done for you on most projects. Grab these for sanding in corners or around detailed molding.

3. Drill/Driver

You need one of these even if you aren’t a DIYer. Manual screwdrivers still have a place but most jobs require some power. (Looks like this one is on sale right now as of 10/25/2021). Grab one of these as well so you can actually use it. These have the basic drill bits you’ll need.

4. Brad Nailer

There are different types of nail guns. Brad, pin, finish and framing. I have a finish nailer because my local Home Depot was sold out of the brad nailer. The framing nailer uses larger nails and is for more heavy duty applications. I could’ve started with the brad nailer and been just fine. I’m actually planning on buying one because I need it for smaller trim jobs that my finish nailer is just too much for. Start with the brad nailer and you’ll be fine.

5. Multi-tool

This bad boy is a workhorse. I use mine to cut baseboards, trim small pieces of molding, shave off excess wood before I sand and more. It has a sanding attachment that’s great for corners and tight spots as well. You can get the version without the sanding attachment if you want to save some $$.

I love Ryobi because they offer a lot of these tools as a package:

Sander and Multi-tool

Brad Nailer and Multi-tool

Brad Nailer and Sander

This is an epic bundle. It has a circular saw, brad nailer, drill, two batteries with charger and a tool bag.

I also love Ryobi because they’re very user friendly, reliable and offered at great prices.

Bonus Tool : Jigsaw

A jigsaw lets you cut curves, and straight down into material after drilling a starter hole.

Also, pay attention to the description. If it says “tool only” the battery isn’t included. You don’t need a battery for each tool because they are interchangeable but you should have more than one so you can have one charging while you’re using the other.

Hope this was helpful! Good luck and please let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Monica says:

    I love my cordless Ryobi drill. I also love that everyone thought it was on our wedding registry for my husband when in reality, it was my pick. HAHA. Excellent list Yami!

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