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Our Open Floor Plan – The Ups and Downs

Some people love an open floor plan while others prefer rooms the closed off coziness that traditionally separated rooms bring. If you couldn’t tell by our home pics, our home is about as open as it gets. You can see straight through to the family room from the kitchen, and the view keeps going further finally landing on a sliver of the dining room.

open floor plan layout

I love this view. Im standing right behind the island here. If my husband is cooking, which is usually the case, I can chat with him as I play in the living room with Noah. Plus, it really highlights all of the natural light that the house has. Our previous apartment only got light from a sliding glass door and a few windows and our first home was a townhouse squeezed in the middle of a row. It was like living in a cave and I couldn’t wait until we had more sources of natural light. When I walked in this house and saw the hideous yellow walls, dirty carpets and water bottles everywhere, none of it could take my attention from the windows and the views from the open floor plan.

Open Floor Plan Downside

The downside of this open floor plan though? There is zero noise containment in this house. Ya’ll, listen….you can hear everything from everywhere. The most sound proof place might be our primary bathroom and closet or the basement. What you can’t see from the angle above is this lofted situation below.

Open floor plan layout

See how open that is? Every night I turn into the noise police for about 20 minutes after I put Noah down for bed hurling shhh’s at anyone who dares make a peep. Elisa is the worst offender because that’s the exact time she decides to turn into a marching band drum major, banging and clanging the pots and pans as she washes the dishes. Teens *eye roll*.

If I was the first owner of this place, I would’ve had that portion of the upstairs closed off. It would make a huge difference in the sounds carrying upstairs. Although the main level is mostly open, the living room, office and dining room are all partially obscured. Which gives us some separation in the open vastness of this place.

Also, if you’re wondering if the kids throw stuff down into the family room..they absolutely do. I mean…..ok…I do sometimes too but that’s neither here nor there.

So, what’s your preference? Open, closed or a mix of both? Let me know down below.

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  1. Terea says:

    We live in a colonial and while it’s not really open concept, it’s open enough they sound is a major issue in our house. When we purchased this house the odious owner had a door installed on one of the kitchen doorways. We removed it as soon as we renovated a few months after living here. BIG MISTAKE! Now we are talking putting a door back. The only place you really can’t hear much is our primary bath. Everywhere else you hear everything. But I love your house! And even with the sound issue I love mine 💕By the way, I’m team closed. No open concept for me.

  2. Jenny (FamilyRenov8) says:

    Closed all the way! I have a huge family (5 kids, my husband, myself and two dogs).
    When we started renovating he begged me to do an open floor plan. He never convinced me and with the pandemic he’s glad I said no. Lol
    Love your house though it’s stunning!

  3. Jamie says:

    We just moved into a huge house from 1909 and even though it’s mostly closed (you can see from the front room all the way to the back of the house through big archways and one hallway), it’s creaky and no one is sneaking anywhere! I have moments where I still long for an open floor plan, but it’s super cozy without being closed off. I’d choose a mix of both for me!

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