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Hi, I'm Yami

For anyone like me who is an absolute makeup noob, I hope this list is helpful. I’ve been slowly experimenting with makeup and these have all won me over.

My makeup needs to be:

Lightweight – I stick with light layers and products that are “light to medium” coverage. It starts to get weird if my makeup covers my freckles and I don’t like anything feeling too heavy or cakey on my skin.

Glow/dewy – I prefer products that are brightening or have some sort of glow/dewness to them so things that are matte are out for me. I feel like they wash my face out.

Also, non-comedogenic (shoutout to spell-check for that one lol), and not crazy expensive.

The list is pretty simple and basic, just like my skincare routine because I also don’t want to spend an hour trying to “do” my face.

I JUST bought the SAIE products and will be the annoying influencer who tells you they love something immediately. I’ve worn the concealer/foundation/bronzer combo twice now all day and it really feels great on my face (and doesn’t stink lol)

This pic is a screenshot of a video because well I didn’t take any actual pics lol

In the above pic I’m wearing the Saie concealer, foundation and bronzer on top of the Fenty primer.

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  1. Angelique says:

    Thanks for sharing. I rarely wear make-up and wouldn’t know how to describe what I do like. But you hit on many, lightweight, not matte, dewy and affordable.

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Spoiler's about as simple as they come but has made a big difference in my complexion. 

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