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We are headed back to Jamaica this month! Our last trip to Negril was amazing and we decided to bring the kids this time around so they can get a taste of the island. This time we are going to Ocho Rios and I’m sure the vibe will be WAY different with all the kids. What won’t be different are some of the items we took with us on our first trip. We are sticking with carry ons only again to lessen the amount of time we have to spend at the airport waiting for checked bags. These are my Amazon travel faves:

amazon travel faves
  1. TSA 3-1-1 bags: TSA rules are pretty straightforward for what you can and can’t bring in a carry on. These bags are the perfect size for all of your travel sized toiletry items and they come in a three pack with multiple color options. I actually use one for my gym bag as well so they’re great for more than just travel.
  2. Travel Bottles: I filled my bottles up with conditioner, my curl cream, body oil, and insect repellant. Not a single thing spilled out of these bad boys, not even the oil. They’re 3oz each so perfect for meeting those TSA rules.
  3. Simple Modern Tumbler: These were game changers at our all inclusive. The drinks they serve at the bar come in a standard plastic cup and the last thing you want is a warm drink on the beach. These tumblers kept our drinks nice and cold around the resort. I use this as my everyday water tumbler as well.
  4. Phone pouch: We didn’t want to risk sandy phones. They say waterproof but I wouldn’t trust it honestly. We just used them oceanside.
  5. Water Shoes: These are slim and almost sock like but still give good grip. I’m not a fan of bulky water shoes so these are perfect.
  6. Packing cubes: If you haven’t jumped on the packing cube bandwagon yet, give it a shot for your next trip. These are affordable and will allow you to fit so much more into your suitcase.
  7. Bookbag: This thing is teeming with pockets ya’ll. There’s a pocket at the bottom for shoes but I would only use it for sandals since it will take up interior space. These are what the kids are using for their personal bag.

Another Amazon travel fave that isn’t listed above is this handheld steamer. I didn’t use it on our last trip but I’m bringing it again just in case. I’ve used it a number of times now at home because I’m allergic to ironing lol.

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