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This year has been a whirlwind. I’m really hoping we’ve seen the end of our backyard issues and can focus on more interior projects next year. I wanted to give you a project list so you can see what we have planned for 2022. In no particular order, here’s what I want to tackle, Lord willing.

The Kid’s Rooms

Jeremiah’s room is up first. Elisa is still trying to figure out the direction she wants to go in and since she can’t keep her room clean to save her life, I’m less inclined to start there. After switching up everyone’s rooms, Jeremiah currently has a blank slate. He’s specifically asked for LED lights (for MONTHS) now and wants the space to be “cozy” with a bed like ours and soft and fluffy bedding. This is the first official project of the year.

Home Office Project

My husband works from home and I want to give him a space that’s functional and allows us to corral all of our household documents. I want this room to be command central if you will. We currently have our old Sven couch hanging out in there which will likely be moved upstairs, and he’s working on an IKEA butcher block set up. It works but the space could be optimized a lot better. I’m thinking built-ins along the back wall, floating his desk in the middle with seating in front of it and some additional shelving to house our modem/router. I’m still playing with the best layout. The struggle with this room will be timing. I really have to get it done quickly. I’m talking over a weekend since he’s in there every day. Either that or I’ll have to persuade him to move to the dining room temporarily. We’ll see.

Here it is in all its glory. Except I did move the lamp into the front room. My husband was using it for additional lighting for his web conferences and I replaced it with a ring light.

home office project

Primary Bathroom

I want to blow this bathroom up with TNT. Seriously, there isn’t a single thing in here I want to keep. This will likely be our last major renovation project so it may happen a bit later in the year. We will be replacing the floor tile, vanity, all the lighting, tub, shower, everything really. It’s really dated. I’m afraid we will have some mold issues to deal with as well when we demo the tile. I’m almost certain that our show pan has some leakage and most likely under the tub as well so I’m mentally preparing for that. I’ve started collecting some ideas on the layout but haven’t nailed the design down yet.

This is what it looked like when we first walked the house. It looks exactly the same now.

primary bathroom renovation

Garden Project

This will likely be the second project of the year due to the timing of our growing season. My garden is in shambles right now ya’ll. The empty boxes are overgrown with weeds and I need a better border for the whole thing. I really want to put in a simple gate and create a pretty flower border. I like the metal edging our pool folks used so I will likely use that. Picture the metal edging with a flower border right outside of a simple cedar gate with an arched pergola at the entrance. I’d also like to replace the mulch floor with stone and keep the stone pathways. It’s going to be a lot of work but I’d like to get to a place where I can focus on growing and not the garden set up itself. I’m also thinking about upgrading the raised beds now since it seems the wood may last me another season before it starts to fall apart.

Here’s what it looked like mid mulch dump last year. It’s too cold to show you a today shot but it ain’t pretty.

garden in progress project

Pool Pergola

Our Toja Grid Pergola has been sitting in the garage for over a year. AS soon as the weather breaks next Spring we are going to get it set up over the pool area. I’m excited for this one as it’s the last major install needed to close the pool area out.

There are also other projects that are more purchases than DIYs. We need a backyard shed and a gate installed across the front of the house. There’s also some more landscaping to be done around the outside of the pool fence and along the side of the house.

Which are you most looking forward to? I think the bathroom is it for me…

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  1. Laura U says:

    You have a fun year planned! I’m excited to see the butcher block setup in the office. I took the IKEA Hemnes desk side units and used them (and a couple of desk legs) to support a 2-station butcher block desktop that I stained dark and poly-coated. It looks great and functions wonderfully for our family.

  2. […] grounded garden (just made that up) is one of my planned projects this year. It’s currently in pretty rough […]

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