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When we moved into our house this utility closet was where we stashed our brooms, mops and a bunch of other random things that we hadn’t yet found a permanent home for. The designated pantry was a small closet right in the kitchen and I decided that converting this space and incorporating some smart pantry organization would better utilize the space. We converted this closet right after renovating the kitchen.

I’m a sucker for organization content and while a lot of it is really pretty and inspiring, I know that perfectly decanted Oreos and a fridge full of clear bins is just not practical for us. I hit up the Container store during their Elfa sale and grabbed this customized closet set up for $356.77. I chose the DIY option because it’s really simple to install. If you look, you can see the top rack of the system which is the only part that has to get screwed into the wall. Now take a second and peek at all of our food (I know I’m not the only one who does this right? lol).

It’s not like the most glamorous pantry with a bunch of matching bins and bamboo boxes but, it holds exactly what I need it to and honestly, I’m still tweaking it. I like to grab our bins when they’re on sale at Target (all linked below). As you can see, we have the OXO and Target brand containers and I will say I do prefer the seal on the OXO containers better. The Target ones have a thinner rubber seal so I think it will break down faster. Some of these bins aren’t in the kitchen section and can be found in the storage and bath section so don’t be afraid to look at other options.

And yes, we eat that much rice 🤣.

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  1. Angelique Robinson says:

    Thanks for your thoughts about bins in the fridge. Looks pretty when organized and full but like a leftover charcuterie board otherwise. Lazy Susan’s in the pantry are underrated.

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