The Grounded Home disclaimer

Here’s a bit of background for you on all things The Grounded Home along with some legal stuff that I need to disclose so the FTC doesn’t come after me.

Any DIY project that you see here is something that I have personally done the research on prior to undertaking. I am not a professional by any means. Most of my projects are far from perfect however, I put safety first and foremost. You must consider your local codes and ordinances where applicable when undertaking your own projects. If you feel like something is beyond your level of expertise (like say electrical!) please call in a pro. While I want to empower everyone to DIY, I put safety first!

You may see ads and banners on this blog. That is because I choose to allow certain advertising to run in order to generate a little dough. I generally do not control what shows up in those banner ads but it won’t ever be anything sketchy trust me.

I also use affiliate marketing. My main affiliate platform is RewardStyle. It’s the easiest to use and contains the most amount of stores that I can link through (hello Amazon and Home Depot!). So that means, if you make a purchase from an affiliate link, it will earn me some money. It costs you absolutely nothing if you make a purchase from these links. I’m not there, yet, but I hope to use that money to offset the cost of keeping this site running.

I may on occasion work with a brand on a sponsored post and if I do, you will see that mentioned in the beginning of the actual post. Overall, I am to only work with brands that are authentic to me and that I can incorporate in a very organic way.

With that said, my primary focus here is to provide you with content that is useful, inspiring and/or engaging. Thanks for reading up to this point and I hope you find something you enjoy!