Home Depot Orange Tank 2021 Pitch

Home Depot Orange Tank 2021 Pitch

Hi there! I’m so excited to pitch this project for an opportunity to have Home Depot Sponsor it. This entry is for the $2,500 category. Thanks so much for the consideration! I’ve included a shopping list to showcase how I plan on spending the budget. One of the key messages I’d like to deliver is how Home Depot can be a one stop shop to re-do an entire room. Most people only think of lumber or project supplies, but all the finishings and furniture can be sourced as well.


Product List:

Curtains (x2) – $131.42

Headboard – $205.68

Mattress: $159

Linen: $329

Base Cabinets for Built-Ins – $378

3/4 Plywood for bookshelves surrounding bed – x3 – $179.64

Wallpaper (x4) – $139.96

Mirror – $164.69

Rug – $99

Paint – 2 Gallons Behr Marquee – $95.96

Cabinet Hardware – $76.56

Butcher block countertop – $287.50

LED lighting – $119.82

Duvet Cover – $169

Wall sconce – $179.92

Cart total (includes shipping) – $2,429

Remaining budget will be spent on paint supplies and fastening hardware